RunAway Weddings

CONGRATULATIONS! You're engaged! Now what?

You thought you wanted the big wedding with all the pageantry that came with it. Then you saw the price tag.  Or you became bridezilla. Or there is a momzilla or future mother in law'zilla causing trouble.  Maybe your friend started planning your wedding like she's the one getting married instead of you...It's depressing right? You want to Run Away!!!!

                                                               That's where I step in:

Micro/Elope/Same Day: just you and your partner and maybe a couple of close friends. Basic Package starts at $125

Secret / Elope- shhhhhh no one knows, sometimes you just want to have your own little private ceremony without all the chaos. Just the 2 of you. Give me a call and we can escape to a quiet little spot in a park or by the river or lake where you exchange your vows your way without anyone frowning in disproval. Starts at $125 for local area (25 mile radius of Tellico Plains)

Vow Renewal - sometimes the stress of life gets between you and you feel like  you just need a a little boost of romance to set things right again. Starts at $50 if local.

Congratulations to the Ross's!

Congratulations to the Reids!

Run Away Package Starting at $125

It includes 

TRAVEL CHARGES: If I am travelling to you, more than 45 minutes, there is an additional $50 charge.

Coming Soon: Virtual Wedding Invitations, Honeymoon/Travel Planning, Hair/Make Up, and Wedding Favors.